About us

Customer Loyalty - Performed with the ultimate multichannel tool!

Customer needs and benefits

Going mobile has been perceived to be complicated and expensive. Not anymore!

TargetEveryone’s online service let companies:

Create digital & mobile campaigns in minutes

Target and segment the audience

Distribute through multiple channels (mobile, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Understand customer behaviour via powerful data analysis

Leadership culture

Technology is a vital base but the passion lies in creating customer value and fabulous user-experiences.
We all have one common goal – helping our customer succeed. In doing so, we will change the industry and create new ways to engage.

Management Team

Bjørn Forslund


Bjørn Forslund is the CEO & Founder of TargetEveryOne. Bjørn is a serial IT entrepreneur having co-founded 10 companies in the space and has worked as CXO in the past. Way back Bjørn was a professional sailor and became a National Champion in Sweden, Norway and Colombia. He also became the World Champion in 1995 and 1997.
Insight driven 1 to 1 marketing just got easy!

Michael Irgens


Michael Irgens is the COO of TargetEveryOne . He has a background as a management consultant in a variety of industries and leadership experience from digital marketing, TMT and the Energy sector. Michael holds a Master in Business and Economics from BI Norwegian Business School. When he is not working, you can find him windsurfing and cross country skiing with his family.
Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.

Stephen Karl Ranson


Stephen Karl Ranson is the CTO of TargetEveryOne. Backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience, always working with a hands on approach to technology and business solutions. Stephen quickly understands requirements and the problems to be solved and importantly how they will work commercialy. Stephen's trademark is innovating through out of the box thinking applied to development, data & analytics and implementation, right down from UI into platform infrastructure.
Solving todays Omni Channel Challenges in one elegant platform

Vegard Brattum


Vegard Brattum is the CFO of TargetEveryone. Vegard comes from Posten Norge AS, where he had different positions, and was Head of M&A. With a master's degree in Business and Economics, from BI Norwegian Business School, he has an extensive experience and will contribute to TargetEveryone’s growth and development.
TargetEveryone provides a unique solution that enables direct communications to your customers in an exceptionally effective & cost-efficient way!

Jan Ramsberg


Jan Ramsberg is the Partner Director of TargetEveryOne. Jan is a serial entrepreneur having founded several companies and held leader positions in different industries. The last 18 year working with loyalty. He has successfully build up large network of partners in several companies. When he is not working he likes to travel and spend time with his wife, family and friends.
Close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be

Thomas Dehli Cleve

Sales Director

Thomas Dehli Cleve is Sales Director of TargetEveryOne. Thomas is a serial entrepreneur having founded several companies, within the digital & marketing space in the past. He won first prize for the best business idea in 2001 hosted by Innovation Norway. Several years ago, Thomas was a professional Ballroom dancer, and became third in the World & European Championship held in 1989 and 1990.
TargetEveryone helps you “Spreading the Word”

Andreas Jansson

Managing Director TargetEveryOne AB SWEDEN

Andreas Jansson is Sales Director of TargetEveryOne AB. Andreas Jansson have been working in the IT industry since year 2000 and SAAS last 10 years. Dedicated sales persons with focus on customers needs and finding solutions that helps brining more business to our customers. Previous roles has been as a Sales director to the Nordic markets.
Create powerful digital marketing campaigns with TargetEveryOne and communicate with your customers, prospects or leads at the right time

Bob Chiumento

Managing Director TargetEveryOne US

Bob is a true sales and marketing growth guy who loves validating and monetizing new, technology-based solutions. He has developed and implemented highly successful growth strategies working for large enterprises like Air Products and General Electric as well as at technology start-ups in the mobile marketing and healthcare segments. Bob earned his BS in Chemical Engineering from Bucknell University and his MBA from The University of Chicago. When he is not working, he can be found hanging out with his children or on the tennis courts.
"Make sure the light inside of you shines brighter than the light that is shining on you”
- Dabo Swinney Jan 9, 2017

Dolf Rooijakkers

Managing Director TargetEveryOne Netherlands

Educated as an accountant at high school level (Masters), working at accountancy company (Price Waterhouse Cooper) and 2 main ICT companies before appointed as Executive Member of the Board of Exact Software Netherlands. After Exact I started my own company and since 2014 I am running the TEO organization for the Benelux. I like to watch soccer, being a referee myself, reading comics and not at least: I love to spend time with my lovely wife and children.
Do what you say, say what you do!

Filipe Mendes

Managing Director TargetEveryone Portugal

Filipe is an award winning mobile marketing expert with 15 years of experience working with telecom operators and global brands in Europe and Africa. He leads our Lisbon office in a fast growing entrepreneur and tech community in one of the most vibrant cities of Europe.
Digital transformation of business activities

Board Members

Fredric Forsman

Chairman of the Board

Peter Håkansson

Board Member

Torkel Johannessen

Board Member

Matt Harris

Board Member