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We empower our clients to turn insights into action and truly target everyone.

Mission statement

We empower our clients to turn insights into action and truly target everyone.

The discipline of marketing is changing at a rapid pace. All over the world marketers and brand owners utilize the power of Martech to reach out to their customers. And by Martech, we take the grand view and define this as the convergence of marketing, technology, and management practices across industries and channels— and the hybrid marketing leaders who are driving the strategy and operations of that convergence.

The marketing technology landscape has advanced tremendously over the past years, and processes that were manually intensive and cumbersome can now be automated and put into action in minutes, not days. What used to be the digital tech fringe is now the marketing operations center. Marketing technologists are the new CMO´s and the borders between online and offline marketing are disappearing with >50% of budgets going digital.

But technology is just an enabler. As a marketing software provider our core focus should be at empowering marketers with a solution that provides clarity into their opportunity space – and flexibility in how they engage their customers. We cannot define how our solution will be used by our clients in the future, but must stay innovative and open for collaboration with other players within the Martech ecosystem.

In order to be successful, we need to take a stand within the large opportunity space Martech provides. There are more than 100 digital marketing channels and thousands of companies competing for attention. We cannot beat them all. Going forward, TargetEveryone will focus on two areas within the Martech space – and devote all our time and attention into providing world-class services in these two areas. We will do this by providing an enterprise SaaS for larger businesses whilst serving small/medium sized businesses with an online subscription solution.

All our combined efforts must be focused on these two areas and we must excel at:

  • Market and Customer Insight. We want to provide marketers with the best 360-degree-customer view in the word and truly amaze EVERYONE with the features and insight we can provide clients. We know that for marketers, it all starts with knowing your customers and understanding who you target with what message in which channel at what time.
  • Multichannel Communication. We support our clients in the view that to truly reach and engage customers today, brand owners must deliver content, experiences, and campaigns across several digital channels that are converging.

We see these two services as 100% interlinked and with SpectrumOne we offer a seamless integration enabling insight to be put into immediate action.

Marketing is changing. And so is TargetEveryone. It is hard to fully appreciate the big opportunity space before us whilst we are focused on getting stuff done a day out and day in. We need to lift our heads and look around us at one of the most exciting areas of development taking place in the world today. Big data, automation, and A.I cutting edge technology development – it is all coming together now. And we want to be at the forefront of development - all for the sake of allowing our clients to succeed with their efforts towards their customers.

“We are TEO, a global SaaS Martech company providing best in class customer insight - enabling our clients to turn insights into action through our communication platform and truly target everyone”.

Oslo, October 19th 2018
Torkel Johannessen, CEO

Leadership culture

Technology is a vital base but the passion lies in creating customer value and fabulous user-experiences.
We all have one common goal – helping our customer succeed.

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