Mobile Campaign Editor

Build mobile landing pages fast, Distribute via SMS or Email & Analyze the Result in Realtime.

Mobile Campaign Editor

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TargetEveryone has developed an easy-to-use platform with Drag & Drop functionality. You can make stunning landing pages in less than 10 minutes. Just drag in the widget you want, and upload the image, video or coupon in seconds.

Create signup forms that will automatically pre-fill the unique customer info, and collect information about the customer’s interests, e-mail addresses or anything else you want.
After you have sent the campaign you can access specific statistics on how the campaign went and follow up on the customers who have shown an interest in your offer.

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Campaign Analytics

One of the most important parts to any successful campaign is to track your numbers. Two points that can help you to increase your return of investment:

  • Your Click Thru Rate (CTR) – This is an important metric. If your SMS text is relevant and intriguing, your click thru rate will most likely be above 10%. If it’s really low, than you know that you either have to work on your SMS text or see if your contact list is targeted correctly.
  • Your Conversion Rate (CR) – What happened in your campaign and how many people took action? Example: You have added a button to your mobile campaign page that says “I want to know more!". Shortly after you have sent out your campaign, you review your results and find that 11 people have clicked on the button to learn more. The 11 leads should then be contacted immediately as these are the prospects which have the most potential to turn into paying customers.
    The 2 metrics above are usually enough to diagnose and track if a campaign works or not, however, you can of course receive a more in depth statistical data.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

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By using marketing automation it will help you nurture your relationships by sending customized content to your contact list.

With TargetEveryOne you can easily create customized mobile campaigns with your offer, choose your targeted contact list and send a SMS with a link to a mobile webpage.

Once the customers have clicked on the link, you will receive the information directly in the statistics module and you’ll know exactly who to follow up on.


Our cloud-based solution gives you the opportunity to monitor all your data from wherever you want. All your data can be set up to be syncronised with your CRM through our APIs.

Segmentation and automation give you many options to make unique offers, e.g. a birthday greeting with a personalized special offer for a limited time.  

Make surveys with smileys, check boxes or input fields.

In combination with ‘TEO Campaign performance analytics’ and ‘Recipient interaction behavioural insights’ you are always sure of grouping, targeting & reaching the right group of audience at the right time.

Mobile Native Apps

Get your branded Iphone/Android Loyalty App custom built to suit your specific needs!

We create customised loyalty app solutions for brands to access & distribute their promotional content within 'Inbox menu', reach and generate followers for their region/brand category based stores via 'Stores menu', reward their loyal customers by offering stamp cards - loyalty cards - gift cards etc using the 'Cards menu' and let their app users manage their profiles within ‘my profile’ tab where they can provide all the relevant information about their contact details & interests.

There is a separate web based interface for the Loyalty app admin to manage and modify every app functionality and user based settings. And that’s not all with ‘TEO mobile editor’ and ‘Store based Analytics’ the opportunities to create media rich promotional campaigns and drive more successful conversion are endless!

We can also empower your branded loyalty apps with latest ‘Geo Fence’ and ‘Beacon’ integrations.

MultiChannel Distribution

One Dynamic Database - several channels to distribute your message!

Multichannel Distribution

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The only tool you need to reach out to all your customers with precision and efficiency in all your preferred channels. Our solution gives you the opportunity to simplify your communication to all your customers. We deliver a dynamic, cloud based database where you can collect all your valuable and historic customer info in one place. You can choose a preferred communication channel that suits your purpose and budget.

Recruit, segment, create, distribute and analyse are the 5 first basic steps in our customer loyalty program. Your message can be sent via SMS, email, app notifications and other social media channels.

Geo Fencing

Engage your target audiences when they are nearby, looking for your solutions or desirous for a treat!

  • GEO Fencing - Reach & target your customers based on their current location.
  • GEO Triggers - Reach & target your customers based on their location history.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing

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TargetEveryOne offers the feature GEO Fencing, a location based mobile service.

By using GEO Fencing, you can easily send messages via SMS or through an app to smartphone users or who enter a defined geographic area. Companies can send promotions to customers when they enter a mall, store or neighbourhood.

Consultancy Services

We are a customer-centric business. We help our customers by developing custom solutions depending on their specific marketing and communication needs.

As an extension to our marketing platform, we also offer specific marketing services where we help our customers build campaigns that sells.

This process always starts with a conversation with the company’s sales team. They know what offers that works and that’s exactly what we want to convey on a landing page.

Your mobile campaign page should be your digital sales rep!

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