Most restaurants have thousands of different customers at their restaurant every year. Some are regulars, and others only visit you once. Knowing who your customers are, how often they visit, what they eat etc. have tremendous value for you as a restaurant owner. When you also can use this information in your communication and marketing, you get a huge advantage on your competitors.

In this document you will find information on how to communicate and market you personally to your customers, receive direct feedback and not least, fill up the restaurant on quit days.

Achieving new customers


Recruit your customers and get their consent to communicate with them in accordance to current laws and regulations through: SMS, QR code, website, email, social media etc.


Get insight by getting information directly from your customers or add other interesting information, so you can differentiate your message to be perceived as relevant to your target audience.

Many customers think that to give up their consent to being spoken to or that you process their personal data as a «trade off». Therefore, there has to be an obvious value for the customer to give away his consent. Most customers appreciate getting a discount etc. But in many cases pre-emptive right of buying, useful information like inspirational content be enough. The most important thing is that the «trade off» experience is in line with the restaurants profile.

It's also important that it`s easy to become a member and that the customer does not have to give up too much information. You can always collect more information later on.

Example on recruitment flow

Example of campaign

The conversion are increased drastically with a personalized SMS text and an appealing landing page. Get your own link and URL for a red thread through all your digital communications.

Suggestion for setup:

  • 1. Logo
  • 2. Title
  • 3. Short text
  • 4. Image
  • 5. Call to action

The importance of feedback

Your customers mean everything for your restaurant. Are you sure you know what your customers needs, interests, concerns, complaints and compliments are. It's important to have enough insight to be able to make the necessary changes to earn the trust of your customers

Who is better to ask about what their thoughts are regarding for example, the service, than your own customers?

A concept; survey has can be used in several ways. Self-checking of the employee's duties can for example be a valuable tool.


Nobody likes to be «one of many». Personalize all your campaign. As long as you have the information, it can easily be reused using mercing codes in all:
  • SMS texts
  • Mobile landing page
  • Email
  • App notification

Use personalization also behind the different features for å personalized customer journey.

True story

As in all industries, there are times when it`s a slow period. The same goes for the restaurant industry.

Restaurant X had been good at recruiting as well as retrieving relevant information about their customers. One day it was almost empty in the restaurant, and their were no table reservations. The general manager decided to send out a campaign. With a good personalized SMS text and an appealing landing page, the restaurant went from empty to full in less than 3 hours. The target group was family fathers and family mothers and the message was simple, «enjoy today's family dinner here, and you don`t need to the dishes.»

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