Most Culture Events have thousands of different customers/Audience at their Event every year/day. Some are regulars, and others only visit you once. Knowing who your customers/audience are, how often they visit, what they want to see etc. have tremendous value for a culture event. When you also can use this information in your communication and marketing, you get a huge advantage to have loyal participants each year.

In this document you will find information on how to communicate and market you personally to your customers/audience, receive direct feedback and not least, fill up the event each time.

Achieving new customers


Recruit your audience and get their consent to communicate with them in accordance to current laws and regulations through: SMS, QR code, website, email, social media etc.Use your ticket systems to get consent to talk with the audience.


Use your current data to create groups for personalised information about activities and performances. Ask your audience about interests that point your message in information and offers.
Recruit your audience

In connection with cultural events or concerts it is important to know your audience. Importance of an overview of your faithful audience that you can come to each time is crucial. Because of this loyal audience and their feedback you can focus on deliver right message. Channels that are effective in recruiting are SMS, QR code, Web form, Ticket, order system and webshop.

Example on recruitment flow

Example of campaign

The conversion are increased drastically with a personalized SMS/Email text and an appealing landing page and Newsletter. Get your own link and URL for a red thread through all your digital communications.

Suggestion for setup:

  • 1. Logo
  • 2. Title
  • 3. Short text
  • 4. Image and videos
  • 5. Program
  • 6. Find us

The importance of feedback

Your audience means everything for your event. Are you sure you know what your customers needs, interests, concerns, complaints and compliments are? Existing audience is more likely to come back if you have had a good experience.

Use reviews for feedback about: the event, staff, artists and what can be improved for Then analyze the results, create new campaigns based on their feedback


Creating something creative and unique rather than just mere points can make the customer remember your event/brand. Do research work on your current audience. Understand their behaviour patterns as in how many events do they visit a year? What type of artist they listen to frequently? Are they satisfied with your event?

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