Corporate governance

The company name is TargetEveryone AB (publ).

The company was founded in October 6, 1995 and the current company was registered on 27 November, 2015. The company is based in Stockholm and is a public limited company registered in Sweden and subject to Swedish law.

TargetEveryone is the parent company of a group. The Group includes the following active subsidiaries:

Subsidiary Ownership
TargetEveryone AS Oslo, Norway 100%
TargetEveryone Sweden AB, Stockholm, Sweden   100%
VMSPlay Sweden AB, Stockholm, Sweden 97,4%
Cloud Explorers, Oslo, Norway 30%

TargetEveryOne’s board and management applies an active ownership policy and the company's main shareholders are represented in the board.

The board has not appointed any committees. The board makes decisions regarding the CEO’s remuneration.