The management

Bjørn Forslund


Bjørn Forslund is the CEO & Founder of TargetEveryone. Bjørn is a serial IT entrepreneur having co-founded 10 companies in the space and has worked as CXO in the past. Way back Bjørn was a professional sailor and became a National Champion in Sweden, Norway and Colombia. He also became the World Champion in 1995 and 1997.

Michael Irgens


Michael Irgens is the COO of TargetEveryone . He has a background as a management consultant in a variety of industries and leadership experience from digital marketing, TMT and the Energy sector. Michael holds a Master in Business and Economics from BI Norwegian Business School. When he is not working, you can find him windsurfing and cross country skiing with his family.

Stephen Karl Ranson


Stephen Karl Ranson is the CTO of TargetEveryone. Backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience, always working with a hands on approach to technology and business solutions. Stephen quickly understands requirements and the problems to be solved and importantly how they will work commercialy. Stephen's trademark is innovating through out of the box thinking applied to development, data & analytics and implementation, right down from UI into platform infrastructure.

Vegard Brattum


Vegard Brattum is the CFO of TargetEveryone. Vegard comes from Posten Norge AS, where he had different positions, and was Head of M&A. With a master's degree in Business and Economics, from BI Norwegian Business School, he has an extensive experience and will contribute to TargetEveryone’s growth and development.

Jan Ramsberg


Jan Ramsberg is the Partner Director of TargetEveryone. Jan is a serial entrepreneur having founded several companies and held leader positions in different industries. The last 18 year working with loyalty. He has successfully build up large network of partners in several companies. When he is not working he likes to travel and spend time with his wife, family and friends.