The management

Torkel Johannessen


Torkel Johannessen (1977) is the CEO of TargetEveryone. Torkel has been a board member of TargetEveryone since 2016, and CEO since October 2018. Prior to this, he was director of e-commerce and the Omni channel in Norway's largest cosmetics company, VITA AS. Torkel has more than 15 years of experience in digital media from the US, the UK and the Nordic region and has worked for companies including, Yahoo! and Egmont. Torkel has a master's degree in International Marketing.

Stocks: 349,257

Bjørn Forslund

Head of Business Development

Björn Forslund (1972) is the former CEO and founder of TargetEveryone, and Head of Business Development since October 2018. He is a serial IT entrepreneur having co-founded 10 companies in the space and has worked as CXO in the past. Björn was also a professional sailor and became a National Champion in Sweden, Norway and Colombia, and World Champion in 1995 and 1997. He holds a Bachelor in Computer Science from the Blekinga Tekniska Högskola.

Stocks: 3,018,493

Michael Irgens


Michael Irgens (1972) is the COO of TargetEveryone and was appointed in November 2017. He has a background as a management consultant in a variety of industries and leadership experience from digital marketing, TMT and the Energy sector. Michael holds a Master in Business and Economics from BI Norwegian Business School. 

Stocks: 544,403

Stephen Karl Ranson


Stephen Karl Ranson (1969) is the CTO of TargetEveryone and was appointed in November 2017. Stephen has an extensive and deep background in IT & development, technology platforms and Security spanning over 28 years. He is also the CEO and founder of the Big Data and analytics company Cloud Explorers where TargetEveryone owns 30% of the shares. Stephen has further experience as CTO of Formuesforvaltning and many different international projects. During his time in Norway he has established himself as an industry expert, speaking at many events around Big Data and Analytics and has been published several time in various analytics journals.

Stocks: 770,256

Vegard Brattum


Vegard Brattum (1980) is the CFO of TargetEveryone, and was appointed in May 2018. Vegard comes from Posten Norge AS, where he had different positions, including Head of M&A. With a master's degree in Business and Economics, from BI Norwegian Business School, he has an extensive experience and will contribute to TargetEveryone’s growth and development.

Stocks: 11,000

Hilde Forslund

Head of Projects and Delivery

Hilde Forslund (1973) is Head of Projects and Delivery in TargetEveryone. Hilde attended the company in may 2017, and has 20 years of experience on client delivery projects from media and communication agencies and consultancy agencies within CRM and 1-to-1 communication. She holds a Master of Marketing degree from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo.

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