The management

Michael Irgens


Michael Irgens (1972) is the COO of TargetEveryone and was appointed in November 2017. He has a background as a management consultant in a variety of industries and leadership experience from digital marketing, TMT and the Energy sector. Michael holds a Master in Business and Economics from BI Norwegian Business School. 

Stocks: 544,403
Warrants: 1,000,000

Stephen Karl Ranson


Stephen Karl Ranson (1969) is the CTO of TargetEveryone and was appointed in November 2017. Stephen has an extensive and deep background in IT & development, technology platforms and Security spanning over 28 years. He is also the CEO and founder of the Big Data and analytics company Cloud Explorers where TargetEveryone owns 30% of the shares. Stephen has further experience as CTO of Formuesforvaltning and many different international projects. During his time in Norway he has established himself as an industry expert, speaking at many events around Big Data and Analytics and has been published several time in various analytics journals. Stephen has studied computer science and mathmatics at Winstanley College.

Stocks: 770,256
Warrants: 750,000