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Interim report 



January - March 2020    

First quarter 2020

  • Net sales amounted to MSEK 1.1 (3.4)
  • EBITDA before extraordinary costs amounted to MSEK -2.7 (-7.8)
  • EBT amounted to MSEK -4.7 (-14.6)
  • Earnings per share before dilutions amounted to SEK  -0.03 (-0.25)
  • Announcement of MSEK 20 directed issue and a loan facility amounting to MSEK 15.
  • Company acquires the remaining 70% of the associated Norwegian company Cloud Explorers
  • Company acquires BizWell Sweden AB
  • Change of name to SpectrumOne AB
  • General Meeting gave mandate to the Board to issue up to 8 333 334 new shares as well as to issue warrants giving the right to subscribe for up to 66,000,000 shares in the Company.

Significant events after the reporting period

  • SpectrumOne AB (publ) completes acquisition of Cloud Explorers AS
  • SpectrumOne AB announces the acquisition of the data analytics and consulting company Qbim AB
  • The Board of Directors in SpectrumOne AB decides on a free of payment rights issue of units and directed issue of units
  • SpectrumOne AB (publ) initiates delisting process from Merkur Market

CEO statement

The road to becoming best Martech company in Europe – important milestones reached

We have now completed and financially closed the first quarter of the year. I believe it shows we are on the right track. Several of our ideas did get executed and many were and are continued to be processed.

Acquisitions of Cloud Explorers

Big changes take time. Some of the ideas we had in the fourth quarter of last year were realized in the first quarter of this year. One of the most material happenings were us initiating the negotiation of acquiring the remaining 70% of Cloud Explorers. This was one of my first identified objectives after joining the company. Having now closed that deal means we are one company reaching for the same goals. Current customers of Cloud Explorers now are customers of ours (starting from the second quarters) and the negotiation with the different partners and other stakeholders are now being held with SpectrumOne. Full transparency to each other mean we have the control and the tools to lead the way of our growth and the partnerships with the most relevant players for us.

Additional acquisitions

Another important action was the acquisition of BizWell. An innovative and fast-moving company in an industry we want to grow on and innovate further. I believe there are many low-hanging fruits here and with the right actions and people we will be able to do what the larger players have aimed for.

Financial plan

A long-term financial plan for growth and international expansion was set during the first quarter. This plan is to enable us going forward becoming the best Martech company in Europe. With the current group of companies and the additional growth actions to be taken the strategy is getting clearer and even more realistic in the foreseeable future.


Having Qbim in the group is yet another very important purchase by us. We feel already now that this acquisition will beat our initial high expectations. The positive effects are suited to elaborate on and communicated in a text dedicated solely to Qbim, to be released later.

Novel Coronavirus

The novel Coronavirus struck the world like a sledgehammer at the end of the quarter. Many companies went into a chock-like phase and the world stopped spinning for a while. As many companies succumbed under the new circumstances’ others saw it was the right time to do the changes they had looked for but not prioritized. Old decisions are re-evaluated, organizations are re-structured, and ways of working are evolving to slimmer and faster ones improving companies’ ability to react and act in a much faster pace. Whilst the world is starting to find its new normal, we are experiencing a higher attention on our services whilst the decision making on C-level professionals in larger corporations is taking somewhat longer time. The Research Council in Norway did not grant our first application for our innovation project but a new application to Norway is completed and to be submitted.

Objectives and what is to come in 2020

Meanwhile we have managed to execute on most of our plan in the first quarter despite the given circumstances. Ongoing processes are advancing, and I feel comfortable of reaching most of our targets.

We are even more so looking forward the coming quarters with increasing sales and larger customer portfolio together with relevant partners.

Stockholm, May 2020

Hosni Teque-Omeirat


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Hosni Teque-Omeirat 

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