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TargetEveryone AB (publ): Publication of Information Memorandum and first trading day of TargetEveryone´s convertible rights issue. Correction.


There is a correction to the press release dated January 21 2019, 08:30 CET regarding description of the offering. See information belov for correct description.

The offering 

Offering size: 17,265,911 SEK

Number of convertibles: 5,312,588

Unit rights: One (1) share at the record day in the Company entitles ten (10) unit rights. One hundred and two (102) unit rights are required to subscribe for one (1) unit, each consisting of one (1) convertible  of a nominal SEK 3.25

Price: 3.25 SEK per convertible

Offering period: January 21 to February 6, 2019

Interest rate: 10 percent per year. The interest is paid semi-annually in arrears.

Termination: December 30, 2020

Conversion: Conversion to shares will be possible from day 1-15 the last month every quarter (except the first quarter of 2019) until termination.

Guarantees: 10,100,000 SEK

Current number of shares: 54,188,407

Markets: Nasdaq First North (Stockholm), Merkur Market (Oslo)

For further information contact: 
Vegard Brattum 
+47 977 00 338

Certified Adviser: 
Mangold Fondkommission AB (556585-1267) 
Box 55 691 102 15 Stockholm 
Telefon: +46 8 503 015 50