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Fjordkraft choose TargetEveryone’s associated company in Norway, Cloud Explorers and PRISM


Fjordkraft choose TargetEveryone’s associated company in Norway, Cloud Explorers and PRISM. Cloud Explorers will deliver the PRISM platform in a SaaS format to Fjordkraft AS.

Fjordkraft is Norways second largest electricity provider delivering power to thousands of homes along with small and large businesses both in the private and government sector. Since 2017 the company has also become a mobile provider with a 100.000 subscribers. Fjordkraft also sells services to small energy utilities throughout the country. Offering a competitive 30 day price match guarantee, Money back guarantees, coupled with awards for best customer service in the energy branch positions Fjordkraft is a leading client for Cloud Explorers.

26th February, Oslo, Cloud Explorers today announced receipt of a signed contract from its newest client, Fjordkraft AS in Bergen for use of the PRISM platform along with prospect market data.

The platform ships with prospect market data, allowing for very precise, highly targeted campaigns to be conducted. Powerful segmentation features along with the GEO targeting capabilities enable sophisticated audience management. Coupled with stop list and quarantine functionality, advanced sales and marketing campaigns can quickly and easily be conducted. 

TargetEveryone CEO Hosni Teque-Omeirat noted “This new signing, is yet another great step in the right direction, entering our platform to another industry. It confirms for me that our strategy is correct, our product offering, and services are attractive, and that they enable us to reach large clients. Fjordkraft undertook a quite lengthy product validation and trial period which this signing really shows me we have a solid and mature offering that can really deliver. We will continue to build on this on other successes now. Implementing our platform into yet another industry is really valuable for us.”

PRISM is part of the SpectrumOne suite and in this format combined with market data represents a very unique offering. With our recent acquisitions and new partnerships a similar offering will be very shortly available in Sweden and long term in other markets.

About Fjortkraft

Fjordkraft AS was established 1st April 2001 as a result of the fusion between BKK Kraftsalg AS and the sales operations in Skagerak Energi AS. The headquarters are located in Bergen, the company also has offices located in Sandefjord, Trondheim, Oslo and Stavanger.

For further information contact: 
Hosni Teque-Omeirat

+46 70 225 18 77

Certified Adviser: 
Mangold Fondkommission AB (556585-1267) 
Box 55 691 102 15 Stockholm 
Telefon: +46 8 503 015 50

About TargetEveryone

TargetEveryone is a MARTECH company, enabling our clients to streamline their 1-1 digital marketing, content and experiences within one SaaS online platform. Our unique solution makes marketeers able to easily target exactly the customers they want, and communicate with them in the channels they prefer, to maximize ROI. Our clients can easily segment their customers based on CRM data, market data and transactional data. Further, they can use a campaign editor to quickly build campaigns, and distribute these through our multichannel distribution system either by Email, SMS or SMS landing pages. TargetEveryone´s headquarter is in Oslo, with branch office in Sweden. TargetEveryone is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm and Merkur Market in Oslo.