The share

TargetEveryone's share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North on the first trading day of June 9, 2015, as well as Oslo Børs Merkur Market with its first trading day on June 8, 2018. The number of registered shares amounts to 164 111 621

Classes of shares

TargetEveryone has one type of share only. The quota value is about 0.1 SEK.

Each share represents one vote per share at the annual general meeting. Each shareholder is entitled to vote for the total number of shares held or represented by the shareholder at the GAM. All shareholders carry equal right to buy shares at the issue of new shares unless the GAM, the board or a resolution adopted at the GAM decide differently.

The shares are denominated in SEK. The shares are not, and have not been, subject to any offer as a result of a mandatory bid provision, right of redemption or right of sell-out.

Dividend policy

All shareholders have equal rights to the company's assets, profits and any liquidation surplus. The company does not have a fixed dividend policy. The company intends to distribute future profits to shareholders as soon as this can be done in regards to results and the Company's financial position.

Market and trade

The Company's shares are traded at Nasdaq Stockholm First North and Oslo Børs Merkur Market.

Short name: TEONE
ISIN code: SE0006994448

Short name: TEONE-ME
ISIN kod: SE0006994448

NASDAQ Stockholm First North

First North is an alternative market, operated by the different exchanges within NASDAQ Stockholm. It does not have the same legal status as the regulated market. Companies at First North are governed by the rules of First North and not the legal requirements for trading on the regulated market. An investment in a company traded on First North involves greater risk-taking than investing in a company traded on a regulated market. All companies whose shares are admitted to trading on First North have a Certified Adviser who monitors compliance. NASDAQ OMX Stockholm approves the admission to trading on First North.

Merkur Market

Listing requirements and ongoing reporting obligations are simpler and less extensive for Merkur Market than for Oslo Stock Exchange and Oslo Axess, as this trading venue is a multilateral trading facility (MTF). Although there are simplified ongoing obligations for companies on Merkur Market, these companies will also provide the information unannounced and immediately, as well as publish half-yearly reports.

Certified Adviser

Mangold Fondkommission AB (556585-1267)
Box 55 691
SE-102 15 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 503 015 50

Merkur Market Adviser

Sparebank 1 Markets AS is appointed Certified Merkur Market Adviser for TargetEveryone.